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The Suppliers Portal is a tool for communication and transparency with suppliers interested in participating in the competitive processes of Rio Committee 2016.   O

The main objective is to provide to the public comprehensive information about our competition processes, as well as the possibility of application of any vendor in these processes that are in progress, from their registration in our supplier base.

Among the available information, you may find the Purchasing Plan with the forecast of what will be contracted and additional documents for participation in competitions such as Requirements and Sustainability Guides, forms and manuals.

The main information referent to the use of the Suppliers Portal is found in the Suppliers Manual.


Below follows a description of how to navigate in our pages:


General information about the Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, their governance, team and structure is available.


Our relationship strategy with suppliers in terms of developing them while maintaining our commitment to the legacy that the Games will leave and with the sustainability running through our contracting from its planning to its final stage. Our partnership with SEBRAE, from a technical cooperation agreement for the development of suppliers, is also presented.


The Rio 2016™ Olympic and Paralympic Games will have as its flagship brand the sustainable transformation through the power of sport, bringing permanent changes to our city and benefits that will spread across the country.

Following this principle, the Rio 2016 ™ Supply division seeks to integrate sustainability into their daily business practices. The aim is to ensure that goods and services contracted by the Committee are in line with our commitments.

The Sustainable Supply Chain Guide shows how these pillars are intertwined with our requirements. It is the basic reading for all those interested in understanding the procurement processes of goods and services of Rio 2016™. The Guide includes the certifications that Rio 2016™ considers competitive advantages in the assessment. An example of these certifications is ISO 20121 – Sustainability in the Management of Events, which was prepared together with the ISO and by organs of 34 countries including ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Norms) and used for the first time in London during the Olympic Games.


The company interested must have their PRE-REGISTRATION finalized to be able to APPLY for a process, follow the guidelines below:

It is important to note that the APPLICATION is not the only means of entry in a selection process. The negotiators have the autonomy to invite other registered suppliers to participate in any process, by searching the Supply Portal database.

Observation: Before November 2014, the ‘Apply’ was used as another means of attracting suppliers with flexibility to set dates. From November 2014, the Apply’ first dates are established with the expectation of first offer date until the release of the RFP, after the release date is set for two working days before the deadline of the first offer, in this way even if the process has started, suppliers that apply within the period can be part of the competition up to the limit of two working days before the delivery of the first offerings by the participants.


Here are some explanations about how the Rio 2016 Committee proceeds with respect to procurement processes, registration and planning. We are always open to clarification of other questions that may arise.


It is the news we disclose about some of our contracts, partnerships and highlights in the Rio 2016 supply chain.


Through the Purchasing Plan, the market will be able to see the expected dates for requests for quotations in various sectors of goods and services that the organization of the Games will require by 2016.

The Purchase Plan is an important tool to ensure the maintenance of strict criteria of transparency in these acquisitions, with monthly updates.

Observation: The Rio 2016 Committee reserves the right to alter the list without prior notice.


The Suppliers Portal makes available to download most files that suppliers should use or fill in during the bidding process. There are also some additional documents such as guides and Sustainability Requirements and manuals, among others.


The Rio 2016™ Olympic and Paralympic Organising Committee will offer to companies of all sizes the opportunity to join our group of suppliers of goods and services.

In this area of the site, businesses can perform their pre-registration. This is the first step to be part of our team.


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