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Support Development Program

Through the Supplier Development Program we intend to strengthen relationships with suppliers in order to use the demand of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games to encourage the sustainable development of the national market.


Supplier development, legacy and sustainability


 – Ensuring the existence of a competitive market that meets the high standard requirements in sustainability;

– Maximizing local purchases and development of a competitive local market place;

– Meeting the demand of the games and without harming the market;

– Dissolution Strategy;

– Transparent communication.


The program with Sebrae

The Rio 2016™ Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and Sebrae signed an agreement of technical cooperation, on July 2, of 2013, for the development of micro and small businesses across the whole country. The objective of the “Sebrae on the Podium” project is to qualify potential suppliers of Rio 2016 to meet the demands of the event, contributing to foster the national productive chains in a sustainable way.

The work with the suppliers in partnership with Sebrae will occur on two distinct fronts: in the development of MPE for direct supply to the Committee and in the qualification of the companies for the productive chain, that is, subcontracting or participation in the productive chain of large contracting of Rio 2016™. The productive chain will take place by means of rounds of business of Sebrae with Rio 2016™, the contracted company and potential MPE for subcontracting. These rounds include direct suppliers, as well as indirect.