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Manual of Sustainable Procurement CEBDS

At the end of May (5/21), the first Manual of Sustainable Procurement, by the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) with EY consultancy and collaboration of 21 major companies engaged in the sustainability issue, was released. The goal is to guide the private companies to adopt the best environmental practices in the hiring of their suppliers, which helps to make them aware, one of the biggest challenges today to give emphasis to the sustainable solutions.                                   

“The development of the manual contributes to the purchasing area of the companies and gives guidance as to how to make purchases in a sustainable way. We think that professionals of the Purchasing area will have an important tool in hand,” explains Mariana Grossi, president of CEBDS.    

 The criteria range from an analysis that enhances chains of companies that excel in the sustainability issue to the monitoring and qualification of these suppliers. The results have been tested and approved, for example, by the organization of the 2016 Olympic Games, which developed a pilot project with all the rationale proposed by the manual. “After use, we found that our process, including as regards the inclusion of sustainability is in line with the best market practices,” said the general manager of the procurement staff of Rio 2016, João Saravia.  

 The manual, available for download at theão-web.pdf link, shows that the traditional procurement process based on commercial criteria and the lowest price can engage with sustainability. And the results for a chain of purchases that aims at “best price”” instead of only the “lowest price” are higher gain of the image, reduction of risks and, consequently, greater operational efficiency.